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Product ID: 10773CS-M2B

With the same 4-channel control of aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle featured in large airplanes, the ultra small MINIUM AD PROFILE series version 2 compacts the dynamic acrobatic flight performance into the new Ultimate Biplane. The lightweight finish and aerodynamic efficiency of a profile airplane allows acrobatic flight to be enjoyed outdoors, even in a light breeze. As with real airplanes, plenty of lateral surface area results in superior knife edge performance and of course 3D acrobatic performance for torque rolls while delivering amazing slow flight as well. This combo set includes 3 ultra lightweight servos, receiver unit with built-in amp, transmitter with built-in charger and special large capacity LiPo battery, and an un-assembled kit. With special polystyrene glue (sold separately), the fuselage comes together quickly and easily. As the color scheme is already complete, all that remains is battery charging and linkage setup. Nothing else is needed to enjoy the exciting acrobatic flight of this micro airplane.


  • Lightweight Yet Strong - Lightweight yet robust structure of this profile airplane is damage-resistant and reproduces the outer lines of the original. Delivers exceptional acrobatic flight performance.
  • Flight Performance - Large diameter D135 x P67mm propeller and 8mm motor delivers the powerful thrust for acrobatic performance and also provides the power for large loops, torque rolls and rolling circles.
  • One Piece Receiver - One-piece receiver with motor control amp has more than double the capacity of the previous version.
  • Includes Servos - Three servos provide control of aileron, elevator and rudder for complete acrobatic an stunt flight capability and performance.
  • KT-20 TF2 - KT-20 TF2 full stroke throttle stick without return spring is ideal for this model. Newly developed multifunction 4-channel PERFEX KT-20 transmitter features a large LCD to display data for voltage, digital trim offset values and control mode. Provides complete visibility of control settings and allows easy use of additional functions.
  • Full Control - Uses the same 4-channel control functions as large airplanes, including aileron control to deliver the full range of airplane flying experiences.
  • 2.4GHz Band - Newly developed R/C system operates on world standard ISM band on high frequency 2.4GHz. Scans the 75-wave spectrum to use clear frequencies for an extremely safe control system free of interference. Allows up to 24 aircraft to be flown at the same time.
  • Large LCD Display - Offset values of the 19-step digital trims are displayed on the LCD for easy reference.
  • Multi Use KT-20 - Transmitter can be used with other MINIUM AD series airplanes and helicopters. *Cannot be used with 3-channel MINIUM airplane series.
  • Built-in Charger - Transmitter also features built-in battery charger. Just connect the Li-Po battery and charging commences until it cuts out when complete.
  • Charge While You Fly - Charger function can be used while it is operating as transmitter so you can charge a spare battery (sold separately) while you are flying.
  • 8mm Gear Reduction Unit - Equipped with 8mm motor and gear reduction unit as standard.
  • Max Thrust - Includes D135 x P67mm propeller that delivers optimal thrust for acrobatic flight performance.
  • 5 Minute Flight Time - Achieves flight times of about 4 - 5 minutes. (Flight time may vary depending on conditions).
  • Simple Assembly - Fuselage color scheme is complete. Finish the simple assembly and set the linkages for the final touches to this ultra lightweight airplane that weighs only about 30g. ARF format just complete a few simple assembly steps and get ready to fly.
  • Lipo Powered - 3.7V 70mAh Lithium polymer battery pack included.
  • What is a ARF Kit?
    A ARF (Almost Ready To Fly) is a complete model that included nearly everything you need to fly. Color scheme is complete so only a few steps are needed to fully assemble model. Only consumables like batteries are required so you can start operating the model without delay.


  • Complete kit plane set (ARF) Almost Ready to Fly
  • 3.7V-70mAh lithium polymer battery pack

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