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Kyosho EP Extra 300S

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Fly this stunning acrobatic airplane, supercharged with brushless motor technology! The SQS Series lets you get flying fast!

The maestro of the acrobatic airplane world and winner of multiple world championships is ready to light up the sky again in the form of KYOSHO's electrifying EXTRA 300S powered by brushless motor technology. The EXTRA's beautiful lines are recreated in a lightweight fuselage with stringer structure. Easily adjusted elevator system maximizes the benefits of electric power for exciting acro flight performance. And it comes almost completely pre-assembled with the balsa structure expertly pre-covered in film. In short time you can feel the excitement and thrills of a true acrobat in action!

Fly the famous EXTRA 300S of the acrobatic airplane world, accurately reproduced as powerful electric version.
Stringer structure of rear fuselage, lightened tail wing and control surfaces, and minimized leading edge plank of main wing result in a lightweight structure.
Factory-assembled kit features a lightweight balsa structure expertly covered in film for a stunning color finish.
Optimized specifications for R/C model flight reproduces realistic acrobatic performance.
Pre-painted FRP cowl, wheel pants, hard aluminum one-piece main landing gear and linkage parts are all included.
Rudder connected tailwheel makes taxiing safe and responsive.

ARF Contents

  • Motor mount
  • Battery catch
  • Main Gear
  • Rudder connected tail gear
  • Decals
  • Tires
  • Linkage Parts

Width: 1400mm

Required For Operation

  • 4-ch, 5-servo radio for airplanes
  • 600-800W brushless motor
  • Amp for brushless motor
  • 18.5V-4000mAh (minimum) Lithium polymer battery
  • D12�P6~8 Propeller for EP
  • Propeller adapter
  • 57mm Spinner
  • Battery charger
  • Motor, Amp & Battery Connectors
  • Pilot Figure (No.90901)

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