Freewing Avanti S V2 80mm EDF Sport Jet PNP

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Freewing Avanti S V2 80mm EDF Sport Jet PNP


Renowned worldwide as the ultimate EDF sport jet blending precision performance in a sleek and affordable package, the Freewing 80mm Avanti S is a fan-favorite powerhouse. Building on the performance of the original Avanti S, the Avanti S V2 takes that performance to the next level!

The Avanti S V2 showcases impressive performance with its all-new 80mm 12-blade ducted fan and high-powered 3658-2150Kv brushless inrunner motor. The sound produced by this setup is truly phenomenal, while the aircraft delivers incredible power for an exhilarating flying experience. Moreover, Freewing has gone beyond just power upgrades, implementing various enhancements throughout the aircraft. Areas such as the landing gear, nose gear doors, control horns, and elevator hinges have been updated and strengthened to improve durability and performance.


  • Officially licensed by SebArt International, the Avanti's original designer
  • Optimized nose landing gear to reduce yaw and landing bounce
  • Redesigned nose landing gear door frame and gear doors to optimize aerodynamics and keep doors closed tighter
  • Thicker and stronger shock absorber parts in the main landing gear
  • More hinges to the horizontal stabilizer for improved elevator hinge strength
  • Upgraded control horns for more strength and reliability
  • Revised cockpit with pilot added
  • CG marker is now on the bottom of the wings
  • No bare white foam to prevent aging and discoloration
  • Fuselage belly protection strip prevents foam damage during landing, handling, and transport
  • Optimized ducting that eliminates the need for a cheater hole
  • Electric retracts and trailing link suspension struts for grass operation
  • Removable wings with quick disconnect plug
  • LED position lights on the wingtips, dorsal spine, and ventral keel
  • Magnetic removable nose cone with plastic cap for durability
  • Split flaps
  • Multi-Function Control board
  • 100A ESC with reverse thrust function


  • Freewing Avanti S V2 80mm EDF Sport Jet PNP


  • 6+ Cell Channel Radio
  • 6+ Cell Channel Receiver
  • 6 Cell 22.2V 4000-6000 mAh LiPo Battery with EC5 connector
  • 6 Cell Lipo Battery Charger

Avanti S V2 New color scheme

The new red and grey color scheme, looks very eye-catching in the air, and the medium gray color is not easily affected by sunlight to cause blistering problems.

Cabin door

The redesigned nose cabin door enhances practicality and aesthetics. Also, the extend and enlarge the outer frame of the cabin door can protect the raised foam at the bottom.

Cabin door Control

Avanti V2 used the double-sided spring compression type control structure of the cabin door. It results in higher structural reliability.

Nose landing gear

Compared to the old version, the Avanti V2 has reduced the total height of the front landing gear. The landing gear piston rod is thickened, and the torque arm fixing parts and the main support rod are processed and formed as one, eliminated the assembly structure. Add linear bearings to improve shock absorption effect.

Main landing gear

The thickness of the main landing gear shock absorber arm has been increased from 3mm to 4mm, improved the strength of the landing gear.

Power system

Upgraded to the new 12 blade EDF with new in-runner motor and the 100A ESC with thrust reverse function. The thrust is stronger, and the level flight speed has been increased from 165KPH to 180KPH. A plastic cover has been added to the protruding part of the power compartment cover for protection.

Elevator plastic hinge

Added a new plastic hinge in the elevator of Avanti V2, it prevent the elevator surface from tearing from here.

Center of gravity

There is a CG marking line of the lower main wing for easy confirmation of the center of gravity.

LED navigation lights

Avanti V2 has four pcs LED navigation lights, its flashing frequency is controlled by the control board.

Main wing structure

Use the ribbon wires and screws to connect the main wing and fuselage, making it very easy to store and transport.

Battery compartment

Avanti V2 have a big battery compartment, it can use the 6S 4500~6000mAh lipo battery to fly.

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