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Product ID: KP10655RS

The most amazing micro R/C airplane the world has ever seen now flies even higher with its fusion of light weight and maneuverability. Able to fly in stronger breezes than before, the sharp flight of the new MINIUM can also be enjoyed outdoors. Its secret lies in the fuselage designed for slow flight and the change from a cambered wing to a flat bottom main wing with ailerons that deliver greater speed and maneuverability. Also, the 6mm coreless motor has been replaced with a high-power 8mm version that drives the new specification gear unit and propeller. Combined with the special Li-Po battery included, the MINIUM EDGE 540 realizes its more powerful and dynamic flight capability with the ailerons allowing control around the roll axis. This fully pre-assembled model is loaded with an ultra-small control unit with built-in amp, receiver and two linear stroke servos and has all the linkages pre-set. The 3-channel system provides elevator, aileron and motor control for the full scope of flying experiences. Control is managed on the worldwide standard ISM band 2.4GHz frequency with a system that automatically scans for clear frequencies to use. Simply switch the power ON and the system automatically scans a 79 wave spectrum for a free band to secure a radio signal free of interference. Even expert level fliers will be amazed at the flight performance and maneuverability of the palm-top sized MINIUM EDGE 540.

  • Fully assembled and complete with coloring and special R/C system linkages. Tail wing is also pre-attached so just charge the battery and take-off.
  • 8mm motor replaces previous 6mm version for more powerful flight performance.
  • Large diameter D130 x P70mm propeller and special gear reduction unit deliver strong thrust.
  • Automatically scans for open frequencies across a 79-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band for ultra-safe control.
  • Allows up to 26 aircraft to be flown at the same time.
  • Connects automatically once transmitter is registered to the receiver. (Comes pre-registered at time of shipment).
  • Transmitter is equipped with digital trims featuring 10-stage audible trim tones.
  • Features pre-installed lightweight one-piece control unit with built-in speed control amp,receiver and two linear stroke servos.
  • Airplane stand features built-in quick battery charger so it can be used for both displaying the model and flight preparation.
  • Place the model on the stand (which includes built-in battery charger) to create a stunningly realistic display. Or, detach the charger component from the stand to use as a charger.
  • Reduced wing flex results from the fixed main wing that includes ailerons and doesn't need to be removed from fuselage. Thick flat bottom wing is robust but still light weight with excellent flight agility.
  • Fully assembled set includes special 2.4GHz 3-channel transmitter, display stand with built-in quick battery charger, and special Lithium Polymer battery pack.

Readyset Contents:

  • Fully assembled fuselage
  • 3.7V-70mAh lithium polymer battery pack
  • Airplane stand with built-in auto-cut off quick charger
  • 2.4GHz 2-stick transmitter with digital trim

Required for Operation:

  • 4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter and 4 x AA-size batteries for charger
  • Note) Oxyride battery cannot be used.

Technical Data:

  • Length 335mm
  • Width 385mm
  • Weight 30g (approx.)
  • Motor M8 Coreless Motor
  • Wing Area 2.64dm2
  • Wing Load 11.36g/dm2
  • Wing Type Flat bottom type
  • R/C System PERFEX KT-17 2.4GHz 3-channel one-piece R/C System
  • Propeller D130mm×P70mm
  • Dihedral 4°
  • Scale 1/19

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