Smart S2100 AC Charger, 2x100W (EU Plug)

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The future of LiPo charging technology has begun - Spektrum SMART chargers

The Spektrum ™ S2100 Smart Charger is the first smart charger with two outputs that features the Spektrum Smart Charging technology. Small and portable, this 200W charger has the brand new Spektrum IC3 ™ connector, which provides a solid connection, and also reads out the individual parameters of the LiPo and forwards them to a bright LCD color display to clearly show you how many charging cycles your device has Smart LiPo is already behind it and much more.

Spectrum smart technology enables you to practice your hobby more comfortably and safely. You have full control over your charging technology and have a safer and more conscious overview of your equipment - this makes your hobby easier for you every day. Your charging technology will be "more intelligent".
For all model builders looking for a better way to charge batteries, the Spektrum Smart Charger and Smart LiPos bring an intuitive charging experience that leads to a simple, connected and safer charging experience. With the Spektrum Smart charging technology, the annoying setting of the charger when charging your LiPo batteries is no longer necessary. This is made possible by an integrated microchip on every Smart-LiPo, which communicates with your smart charger to automatically determine the best charging settings. Plug it in and just press start. While all modelers can enjoy this simplification, advanced modelers can use individual data such as the number of cycles, damaging parameters such as overcharging and deep discharge, battery temperature, C value and much more - all stored in each LiPo. . In addition, the automatic bearing tension ensures a better and longer service life of your LiPos.

Intelligent charging technology
When connected to a Spektrum Smart LiPo, all of your individual LiPo parameters and the history of your LiPo battery are transferred from the smart microchip to your smart charger. You can use the charger to set and record your preferred settings such as charging current and self-discharge options, so that you only have to press the "Start" button. The “smart” technology will take care of the rest. Every Smart LiPo charger is factory-fitted with the IC3 ™ charging connector, which displays battery information stored via a data transfer pin directly on the LCD screen.
Preset charge, discharge and storage voltage parameters are automatically called up by your Spektrum Smart LiPo, which makes charging as easy as pressing the "Start" button. The charging current of individual batteries can be specifically adapted so that you can take full advantage of batteries with a higher load capacity. The integrated microchip on every Smart LiPo remembers the last set charging current. The next time you plug it in, these settings will automatically appear. All you have to do is press "Start". Another great feature the smart microchip allows is balancing while charging with just one plug. When you plug in your iC3 or iC5 battery, the individual cell voltage is automatically forwarded to the smart charger and enables you to
New IC3 and IC5 connectors
The innovative smart connection is made possible by a built-in microchip on each battery, which forwards the individual information via a data cable through the new iC3 and iC5 connections. The iC Series connectors are engineered from the ground up to provide a solid connection, greater heat resistance and ease of installation. Slotted connectors ensure a precise connection that can be easily brought together and separated, while the practical soldering surfaces allow easy installation in your model.
Backwards compatibility
If you use the popular EC3 and EC5 connectors, you must you worry. The iC connector series is fully backwards compatible with existing connectors, so that you can use your Smart Charger with older LiPos, but only when it is connected to a Spektrum Smart LiPo are all the benefits of Smart technology available.
LED display
The clearly visible 2.4-inch color screen shows all important information, even in bright sunlight.
High performance
With the total output power of 200W you can quickly and easily charge batteries with a high number of cells. The charger automatically adjusts the power between the two outputs for each charging task. If you only charge on one channel, you can use the full 200 watt power to charge the batteries even faster
Roll button operation
An intuitive roll button operation makes it easy to navigate through all the settings on your Smart Charger. The clear and simple design ensures transport-friendly dimensions, which means that the Spektrum Smart Charger fits perfectly in any pocket.
Efficient Cooling
The internal fan keeps the charger at a safe and efficient operating temperature, perfect for quickly charging larger batteries.
USB port
Why only charge your LiPos? You can use the integrated USB port to supply power to other devices that you carry with you. The 5V 2A USB output allows you to quickly charge your phone, tablet or other device.
Built-in protection
In combination with the Spektrum Smart LiPos, the charger automatically detects the state of the battery chemistry, cell voltage and capacity, and ensures that you always charge with the correct settings, which practically eliminates the risk of incorrectly charging.


Battery type1-6S LiFe, LiIon, LiPo | 1-16Z. NiCd, NiMH | 2-24V PB
AmmeterYes on the LCD display
Output connectorIC3
Input connectorAC
Input voltageAC 100-240V
Charging powermax.200W
Discharge capacitymax.5W (per output / 2x)
Charging current0.1A - 12.0A (per output / 2x)
Discharge current0.1A - 3.0A (per output / 2x)
Charging outputs2 pieces (individual & independent of each other)
Balance current1A / cell (per output / 2x)
Balancer connection2-6S (per output / 2x)
width108 mm
height72 mm
coolingYes fan
Selectable charging currentYes (0.1A step by step)
Length120 mm
VoltmeterYes (LCD display)
Model memorySpectrum smart technology
integrated balancer Yes - built-in balancer & external adapter


  • Charger S2100 Spektrum SMART
  • Power cable
  • manual

Item numberSPMXC1010I
Product Group:Charger
Contents:1.00 piece

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